Mozart zum Liebhaben … und Bach und Vivaldi auch! đŸ˜Š


Kennt ihr sie, diese tolle Rock-Band 🙂 ?

Sinfonity, the electric guitar orchestra

„Sinfonity, the world’s first electric guitar symphonic orchestra, could only have emerged from Spain, the birthplace of so many great guitarists.
Sinfonity is the fruit of careful and constant research; looking deeper, going further, biting the bullet.Sinfonity is the connection of a group of masters gathered together to perform classical music with electric guitars in a way which they alone can do. From Bach to Holst, from Vivaldi to Falla. It is a staggering and thrilling experience. A world in which the music is always categorized as classical or popular.“

( )

Ich habe sie heute Nacht entdeckt und nun höre ich ihnen noch immer zu.

2 Gedanken zu “Mozart zum Liebhaben … und Bach und Vivaldi auch! đŸ˜Š

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 und Bach und Vivaldi auch! 😊 — seelenglimmern – Coffee & thoughts

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