Take me away …


„So take me away
To a world that the air is clean
Take me away
Where the stars are shining bright
So take me away
Where the clouds have a silver lining, my love
And castles in the sky, for you and I
For you, my love … “

Take me away

…  oh ja, sie schaffen das immer wieder!

und dann noch „Untill“   from the new album SACRED GROUND 2016

Für diejenigen, die diese Band  (immer) noch nicht kennen, hilft dieser Titel vielleicht auf die Sprünge:

„I was woken by the silence on that August night, It’s funny how those memories come to haunt me now. Just a distant memory from my broken dream, like the rain the falling on the silent hills. Now the years have been and gone, but I hold you in my heart, driven by devotion and my foolish pride, but as I watch my blue skies fade to grey, I remember all the things you use to say….. “