Ein Gedanke zu “Once I Was …

  1. Schöner Song, Christel!
    Ich war so frei, den Songtext auszusuchen; ich hoffe, du hast nichts dagegen, wenn ich ihn hier einfüge:


    Once I was a soldier
    And I fought on foreign sands for you
    Once I was a hunter
    And I brought home fresh meat for you
    Once I was a lover
    And I searched behind your eyes for you
    And soon there’ll be another
    To tell you I was just a lie

    And sometimes I wonder
    Just for a while
    Will you remember me

    And though you have forgotten
    All of our rubbish dreams
    I find myself searching
    Through the ashes of our ruins
    For the days when we smiled
    And the hours that ran wild
    With the magic of our eyes
    And the silence of our words

    And sometimes I wonder
    Just for a while
    Will you remember me –

    Liebe Grüße,

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